NaFFAA National calls out: Let’s help #Maui, NaFFAA Pacific Islands Region now

NaFFAA is deeply saddened to see the sufferings of our fellow kababayans and friends in Maui due to the devastating wildfires in Lahaina town.

Filipinos are the second largest population in Maui and make up a strong workforce in Lahaina. “Our island community mourns as we struggle to grasp the gravity of the loss. People are still missing. Communications and transportation remain a challenge,” said Kit Zulueta Furukawa, past president and board member of the Maui Filipino Chamber of Commerce, and Vice President of NaFFAA Pacific Islands Region. Furukawa added, “Many of those living in vehicles and temporary hotel rooms are unsure of what the next day will bring – and are just trying to survive.”

As the death toll rises and more than 1,700 buildings and billions of dollars in property are destroyed (including famous and historical sites), the search continues for friends and families who are still missing. Several members of our Filipino American community in Maui are mourning in pain and agony, seeing all that they worked hard for many years are now burned to the ground. NaFFAA National calls out to the entire Filipino American community to send help in any way they can.

NaFFAA National President Mariela Fletcher said, “We offer our prayers to the families affected. In these trying times, let us harness the Bayanihan spirit and find ways to help those in need of any assistance or comfort.” In partnership with the Maui Filipino Chamber of Commerce, donate now at NaFFAA Tulong Sulong to send relief to the victims of the massive #MauiFires.

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August 11, 2023
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