NaFFAA Celebrates Mental Health Awareness Month By Making Mental Health Care Accessible to Members through Mind You™

Washington DC (May 30, 2024) –The National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Mind You, a leading mental health service provider, to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month. This collaboration underscores NaFFAA’s commitment to the mental well-being of Filipino Americans by providing culturally attuned mental health resources and services.

Celebrating Partnerships: NaFFAA x Mind You

This strategic partnership brings a host of benefits to NaFFAA members, including a comprehensive support program that ensures culturally sensitive mental health care. Mind You offers access to Filipino therapists who understand and appreciate the unique cultural nuances of the Filipino community, making counseling more effective and empathetic.

Cultural Connection

Our partnership with Mind You provides:

  • Culturally Attuned Filipino Therapists and Professionals: Access to professionals who deeply understand Filipino cultural nuances, ensuring effective and empathetic counseling.
  • Cultural Adjustment Support: Specialized counseling sessions to help navigate cultural transitions and rediscover Filipino identity through values, beliefs, culture, and mental health.
  • Linguistic Support: Services in English, Tagalog, Bisaya, and Ilokano, with plans for further expansion.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Mind You offers psychological counseling sessions with an exclusive 10% discount for NaFFAA members on unlimited sessions. Additional subsidies are available for marginalized communities, ensuring affordable mental health care for all. For more details, please email

Community Engagement

  • Community Forum Access: A safe, moderated digital space for meaningful engagement and emotional support.
  • Resource Center Access: Extensive resources, including podcasts, articles, and wellness practices.
  • Monthly Public Webinars: Free, accessible webinars on timely mental health topics.

Mind You App Benefits

The Mind You app offers:

  • Community Forum for sharing and support
  • Mood Tracker to identify emotional patterns
  • Psychological Counseling for professional guidance
  • Resource Center with curated content
  • Guided Journal for personal growth
  • Mind-Body Tool for holistic well-being
  • Special Initiatives: Future initiatives include exclusive offers, family and friend referral incentives, and tailored services to best suit NaFFAA members’ needs.

Mental Health Awareness Statistics

According to the Asian American Psychological Association, Asian Americans, including Filipino Americans, are three times less likely to seek mental health services compared to other ethnic groups. NaFFAA is committed to addressing this disparity by providing accessible and culturally sensitive mental health resources.

“Our partnership with Mind You is a monumental step towards ensuring that every Filipino American has access to the mental health support they need. Together, we are stronger,” says Mariela Fletcher, NaFFAA National President.

“By prioritizing mental health, we are empowering our community to thrive and succeed. This collaboration with Mind You signifies our dedication to the well-being of Filipino Americans,” added Brendan Flores, NaFFAA National Chair.

Call to Action

Join us in celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month by taking advantage of the resources and support available through NaFFAA and Mind You. Together, we can foster a mentally healthy and resilient Filipino American community. Visit and to learn more.

About NaFFAA:
The National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) promotes the welfare and well-being of Filipino Americans through advocacy, empowerment, and leadership development.

About Mind You:
Mind You is a premier mental health service provider dedicated to improving mental health access and awareness within the Filipino community.
Website: Instagram: @mindyoumhs | Facebook: Mind You | LinkedIn: Mind You Philippines | X: @mindyoumhs