Three New Trustees of the NaFFAA Board of Governors Announced

The National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) Board of Governors recently introduced its new trustees: Jannelle So, Rod Mercado, and Pastor Herman Martir. As they step into their roles, these esteemed members are charged with a series of fiduciary duties central to the organization’s core mission. These responsibilities extend to ensuring the organization’s financial well-being, making well-informed decisions grounded in thorough research and analysis, and always acting in the best interests of the NaFFAA community.

In addition to their primary duties, Jannelle So, Rod Mercado, and Pastor Herman Martir will play pivotal roles in enhancing representation for the Filipino-American community. They are committed to supporting and amplifying NaFFAA programming throughout the country. By leveraging their vast individual networks and combined expertise, they aim not only to bolster NaFFAA’s national presence and impact but also to nurture and steer the next wave of Filipino American leaders. Their involvement signifies a harmonious blend of governance, mentorship, and active support, ensuring a resilient legacy of empowerment, representation, and growth for the broader community.

Rod Mercado is the owner and CEO of Financial Rescue, a company he founded in 2008 dedicated to helping people improve their financial lives, which has since become a “household brand” for millions of Filipino Americans across the United States. He has since expanded, forming the Financial Rescue Group of Companies consisting of Success Link Processing, Hexagon, FasTrack Lending, Mercado Global Insurance Brokers, MZ Modular Global Hub, and Modular Mastery in the Philippines.

Jannelle So is a Filipino-American media pioneer born and raised in the Philippines but now makes her home in the Los Angeles area. Her career has now spanned almost three decades and two continents, starting in the Philippines in 1995 and continuing on after migrating to the United States in 2003. So began her own production company, Jannelle So Productions. In July 2017, she launched her new weekly magazine/lifestyle show, “SO Jannelle,” which airs every Sunday on The Filipino Channel.

Pastor Herman Martir founded and serves as President of Asian Action Network, an organization serving and representing over 6,000 Faith, Business, and Community organizations with the mission to strategically connect, empower, and mobilize the Asian Pacific American communities to engage in public service, social justice issues, and civic engagement.

In 2019, Martir was appointed by President Donald Trump to the President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs).

"It is with immense pride and enthusiasm that we welcome Rod, Janelle, and Pastor Herman to the NaFFAA Board of Governors during this pivotal time of evolution and progress for Filipino Americans. Beyond their professional achievements in business, media, and government, each of them brings unique personal attributes—Rod's unwavering dedication, Janelle's infectious passion, and Pastor Herman's insightful wisdom. Our vision is to have a board that genuinely mirrors the diverse and vibrant tapestry of Filipino Americans in today's era. These three new trustees will not only complement our dynamic team of trustees but also infuse it with their personal touch and commitment. Together, they will significantly advance NaFFAA’s mission, championing the interests and welfare of our entire Filipino-American community."

"Having Rod, Janelle, and Pastor Herman join our NaFFAA family signifies an exciting new chapter for us. Their distinct backgrounds and insights will undoubtedly be a catalyst for our collective progress. I join Brendan in celebrating their arrival and look forward to our collaborative efforts."

Contact: Mark Eyo,
Communications Lead

About NaFFAA
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