EPYC 2021

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Executive Director
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NaFFAA introduces its fourth class of EPYC Ambassadors

18 Filipino American Students and Young Professionals From Across the U.S. Will Take Lessons and Exchange Expertise To Support Their Leadership Development and Professional Growth

Washington, DC (January 22, 2021) -- NaFFAA is proud to announce its fourth class of eighteen ambassadors to the 2021 Empowering Pilipino Youth through Collaboration (EPYC) Program.

The EPYC Ambassadors Program aims to equip young leaders to refine their skills and learn new strategies in order to become stronger advocates and deliver more effective programs and services. Ambassadors, who are around 18 to 25 years old will support NaFFAA’s efforts around leadership development, civic engagement, and national advocacy and will help scale and build programs within their campuses and communities. They will also gain vital knowledge and skills around professional development, networking, Filipino American history, coalition building, and other key areas. This year’s class consists of:

    1. Kiara de Leon | Northeast Region
    2. Patrick Jayson Reyes | Northeast Region
    3. Justine Rae Talamayan | Northeast Region
    4. Aryelle Montecer | Capital Region
    5. Gabriel Aco | Midwest Region
    6. Ione Sky Causing | Pacific Northwest Region
    7. Jess Jefferson Juanich | Pacific Northwest Region
    8. Alyssae Remigio | Pacific Northwest Region
    9. Marianne Roy | Pacific Northwest Region
    10. Alan Gouig | Northern California Region
    11. Kyle Guanzon | Northern California Region
    12. Maileen Joy Mamaradlo | Northern California Region
    13. Angeli Ong | Northern California Region
    14. Gabriel Young | Northern California Region
    15. Lui Mendoza | Greater Los Angeles Region
    16. Patrick Andrei Romero | Greater Los Angeles Region
    17. Angelika Tabujara | Desert Mountain Region
    18. Chachie Abara | Pacific Islands Region

EPYC’s 2021 Cohort is led by Danielle Ocampo, an LMU Loyola law student and community leader from San Francisco, CA. Ocampo was an EPYC Coach from 2019-2020.

“I discovered NaFFAA and EPYC through my peers. It helped me fulfill my passion for youth leadership development, and when an opportunity came up to take the lead this year, I seized it. Since EPYC’s launching in 2017, we’ve had four batches of Ambassadors. And this year, we saw different ways to build,” says Ocampo. “We are very pleased that all members of our team are mission-driven and passionate. Our goal is to be a reflection of the Fil-Am community today that we envision - engaging, nurturing, empowering.”

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, our EPYC leaders have come together to construct a fully virtual program that will enhance our Ambassadors’ professional skills and capacity to solve problems faced in their local communities.

“As an educator by practice, EPYC's purpose is incredibly energizing,” says Krystian Palmero, EPYC’s 2021 Curriculum Development Coordinator. “It's been an honor to lead the instructional design for our community organizers who are young adults and create an experience that will not only further enhance their abilities as community organizers, but also push them to grow in the domains of personal and professional leadership. The curriculum we've built is grounded in the principles of human-centered design and application-based learning, allowing participants the opportunity to experience what it looks and feels like to lead with equity.”

EPYC’s upcoming Coaches and Ambassadors are excited to begin this journey of self-discovery and building community. Their positive energy and engagement is a true testament to the security and importance of youth empowerment spaces in our organizing work.

NaFFAA National Chairman Brendan Flores comments, “I eagerly welcome all of the new ambassadors to our EPYC program. NaFFAA is honored to be able to work with such bright and spirited individuals who will be the future leaders of the Filipino community and of our nation. The work they do now will be of great importance in the future.”

“I look forward to building and connecting with amazing Filipinx folks around the nation. I can’t wait to work with everyone and watch our Ambassadors thrive. I was blessed to have many mentors who paved the way to my success and I hope to give back through mentorship/coaching as they did with me.” says EPYC Coach, Ashley Alday.

“Given the social isolation of the pandemic, it’s been difficult to remain connected to my community, so I’m eager to be part of the EPYC family and work with fellow Filipinos nationwide who share the same passions regarding advocacy, civic engagement, and social justice!” says EPYC Ambassador, Patrick Andrei Romero.

For more information about the EPYC Ambassadors Program, please contact EPYC’s Administrative Coordinator, Gabriel Cenizal, at gabriel.cenizal@naffaa.org.

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