In partnership with Civic Leadership USA, the Run for Office program has enabled NaFFAA to further connect Filipino-American community leaders with one another in hopes to encourage a future run for office. This community connection approach has enabled others to share how an individual can run a successful campaign in the service of their own community and our country. Civic leadership skills that participants of the program learned included: planning a political campaign, effective storytelling, building a base of support, implementing outreach mechanisms, and successful fundraising.

Moreover, NaFFAA’s ability to recruit experts in civic leadership and connect them with community members is something that is critical to operating at the government or organizational level. Each participant of our RFO Program is able to have one-on-one meetings with an expert, which helps in fine-tuning their leadership skills for their community they serve.

Join NaFFAA's Run for Office 2022 Program

Join NaFFAA's

Run for Office 2022 Program

In partnership with Civic Leadership USA, and in coordination with Legal Good, NaFFAA brings together Filipino Americans who ran for office to share how, you too, can run a successful campaign in the service of your community or your country.

Are you someone who identifies as Filipino American and interested in running for elected office? Build the skills for a strong campaign with NaFFAA’s Run for Office program. Apply now to join our inaugural cohort. Through courses held every other Thursday from August 5 until December 9, you will gain knowledge on various campaign skills, hear from notable guest speakers, and join a growing, supportive network of like-minded future leaders.

There are over 4 million people who identify as Filipino-American, yet we are drastically underrepresented in elected office. With the recent appointment of Rob Bonta as Attorney General of California and a new wave of Filipino-American leaders being elected in 2020, the trend is shifting. Now more than ever, it is important to ensure that Filipino-Americans have a seat at the table, from city councils to Congress.

The Run for Office program, led by the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA), aims to train, connect, and empower emerging Filipino American leaders from across the country to run for political office with service as their core mission.

  • planning a political campaign 
  • developing and telling a campaign story 
  • building a base of support 
  • implementing outreach mechanisms
  • successful fundraising

Throughout the program, different Filipino American politicians and community leaders from across the country will join in as guest speakers. Democrat and Republican, current and former elected officials, and various levels of government are all represented. From personal stories to guidance and strategy, these speakers bring in years of experience and will share invaluable advice.

Guest Speakers / Class Mentors may include (upon availability):

  • Rob Bonta – Attorney General of California
  • Mark Pulido – Former Mayor, City of Cerritos, CA
  • Sean Reyes – Attorney General of Utah
  • Kris Valderrama – Maryland State Representative, District 26
  • Rudy Asercion – community leader and former elected official in San Francisco, CA
  • Atty. Rodel Rodis – former President of the San Francisco Community College Board, first Filipino elected in San Francisco, and founding member of NaFFAA
  • Jesse Vizcocho –  former council member and deputy mayor, City of Kodiak, AK
  • Ray Buenaventura – current council member and former Mayor of Daly City, CA
  • Cristina Osmeña – former candidate, U.S. House CA-14
  • Rachele Espiritu – former board member, Denver Public Schools Board of Education District 4
  • Philjay Solar – Vice Chairperson, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Asian American Coalition
  • Steven Raga – current candidate for New York City Council District 26
  • and more!

There are no location or experience requirements to join the program. Apply now through this form. NaFFAA will reach out to you for further communication.

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