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Biography Jon Melegrito

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Jon Melegrito

Capital Region Advisor

Jon Melegrito is the Executive Secretary of the Filipino Veterans Recognition & Education Project (FilVetREP),  a community-based, all volunteer national initiative whose mission is to raise awareness about the service of Filipino World War II veterans. A son of a USAFFEE soldier who endured the Bataan Death March, Jon Melegrito has been part of national efforts to obtain justice and recognition for Filipino veterans.

A community activist for many years, he was the first Executive Director of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) when it was founded in 1997. Prior to his service at NaFFAA, he worked for an international labor union (AFSCME) and the George Washington University, where he served as advisor to the Philippine Cultural Society.

Now retired, he spends most of his time volunteering (Meals on Wheels, Tanghalang Pilipino, Philippine American Foundation for Charities),  editing Manila Mail and writing for various publications. Her received his Masters Degree in Journalism and Public Affairs at American University.

Jon Melegrito lives with his wife, Elvie, in Kensington, Maryland. They have one daughter (a music teacher) and two grand daughters.