Intergenerational Discussion: “Kollective Hustle” Power in Numbers hosted by TFCU
Hall B | Romeo Marquez Jr.

NaFFAA in partnership with The Filipino Channel (TFCU) TFCU and NaFFAA come together to unite the emerging generation of Filipinos in transforming their ideas into action, passion into profession, creativity into careers, and to inspire a global culture of collaboration. This mindset-transforming intergeneral discussion stresses collaboration over competition and will review the overall objectives of the Kollective Hustle seeking to empower and unite the Filipino community.

Closing Remarks & Introduction of New Executive Director

Brendan Flores, National Chairman, NaFFAA
Carissa Villacorta, Executive Director, NaFFAA

Event Timeslots (1)

Saturday, August 17 – Advocacy
“Kollective Hustle” : Power in Numbers presented by Romeo Marquez Jr.