Presented by Eric Salcedo, Field Director, APIAVote

Co-Facilitators: Marlan Maralit, Director, Asians for Civic Engagement (ACE) Collaborative, Virginia

Juanito Amor, NaFFAA West Coast Civic Engagement Coordinator 


The Norman Y. Mineta Leadership Institute (NYMLI) was launched in October 2006 in honor of Secretary Mineta’s lifetime achievements in exemplifying and promoting civic participation and public service. Normally a weekend long training in various cities across the country, the NYMLI at the NEC will focus on leadership training for nonprofit staff, community leaders and volunteers. With the upcoming 2020 Census, the NYMLI will provide Census basic definitions, myths, and the importance of diverse communities, practice various scenarios, and craft messaging around the Census to develop targeted outreach for the Filipino American community. 

The Norman Y. Mineta Institute trains participants on the foundations of non-partisan electoral campaigns, leadership skills needed to be a well rounded civic leader as well as provides participants with strategies specific to working with AAPI communities, fulfilling an unmet need in the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.

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Friday, August 16 – Civic Engagement
Presented by Eric Salcedo (APIAVote); Co-Facilitated by Marlan Maralit (Asians for Civic Engagement (ACE) Collaborative, Virginia) and Juanito Amor (NaFFAA)