Concrete advocacy outcomes: what is done, how, where, and when 

(1) Immigration Workshop – The Power of ‘We’

Presenter: Aquilina Soriano, Executive Director, Pilipino Workers Center

The border wall issue does not impact the Filipino American community the same as other immigrant communities, but the anti-immigrant sentiments and policies that are embodied by the “Build the Wall” slogan are causing a lot of harm to Filipinos. The impact ranges from creating painful family separation to leaving workers more vulnerable to human trafficking. Join us for an interactive workshop that will weave the Filipino American immigration narrative with the lives of the participants and connect them to the most urgent immigration issues facing Filipinos today.

(2) Entrepreneurship Workshop – The Secrets of Success of Women in Business: “We are Breaking the Mold”

Belina C. Nernberg, CEO & Founder, 1Heart Caregiver Services

Fiona Hilario, Managing Member, Lay Bare Waxing Salon, International Franchise Association

Ishka V. Tusjakova, CEO & Owner, Ishkaster Media

Gina Alexander, Founder, Gina Alexander, Inc.

Anna Marie B. Cruz, Founder, Entrepinayship

Filipina American women entrepreneurs share their personal experiences, challenges, and secrets to success.

(3) Education Workshop – K-12 Education Advocacy in the Filipino Community

Godfrey Plata, Co-founder, SoCal AANHPI Educators

Bianca Nepales, Director of Corps Member and Alumni Impact,Teach For America, Los Angeles

Denise Panaligan, Middle School English Teacher, Ambassador School of Global Leadership

Justin Tandingan, Managing Director, Southern California Recruitment, Teach For America

Too many efforts for educational equity relegate their understanding of inequity to African-American and Latinx communities. While it is clearly important to stand in solidarity with other communities of color that face injustice, this narrow narrative and rhetoric erases the stories and data of our own community’s experiences with inequity in education, as students, parents, and educators. In this session, participants will walk away (a) with a broader understanding of what contributes to educational inequity in our communities, (b) more strategically able to target their advocacy efforts, and (c) plugged into people and efforts making change in education NOW. Whether you’re already leading advocacy work, or want to understand advocacy or educational inequity for the first time, this session is for you.

Event Timeslots (1)

Saturday, August 17 – Advocacy
(1) Immigration Workshop - The Power of We presented by Aquilina Soriano; (2) Entrepreneurship Workshop - The Secrets of Success of Women in Business: We are Breaking the Mold with Belina C. Nernberg, Fiona Hilario, Ishka V. Tusjakova, Gina Alexander, and Anamarie B. Cruz; (3) Education Workshop - K-12 Education Advocacy in the Filipino Community with Godfrey Plata, Bianca Nepales, Denise Panaligan, and Justin Tandingan