NAFFAA Celebrates Fil-Am Leaders in the LGBTQI+ Community for June’s Pride Month Celebration

May 19, 2022
Kelly Coldiron, Executive Director
Tel. 202-262-0772
Washington D.C.,- The National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) will celebrate and recognize the thoughts, stories and accomplishments of its LGBTQI+ leaders in honor of Pride Month. Through the “National Advocacy” pillar of empowerment, NaFFAA calls for a more inclusive Filipino-American community and be an example of showing love and intolerance against all forms of hate crimes toward the LGBTQI+ community. 
Recent studies show that 40% of AAPI LGBTQI+ youths have considered suicide in the last year. A survey from the Trevor Project found that 40 percent of LGBTQI+ youths who are Asian American or Pacific Islander, or AAPI, have seriously considered suicide in the past year. Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian youths experienced the highest rate, at 49 percent, followed by Korean American youths, at 47 percent, and Filipino American youths, at 41 percent.
For many Filipino Americans, coming out is a lifelong process that can require a different approach because of cultural norms or traditions that emphasize duty to family and community. “We celebrate each member of our Filipino community. We are proud of the unique talents, perspectives, and offerings each of you provides to make our 4 million strong Filipino community stronger than ever,” said NaFFAA President and Chairman Brendan Flores. “Diversity includes differences in sexual orientation, religion, political parties, and other groups you affiliate yourself into. We hope that instead of focusing on these differences, we will take time to focus on our biggest similarity - being Filipino-Americans.”
Diverse Segments Director Gio Duaqui says: “Approximately 4.2 million Filipino Americans are working tirelessly to achieve the American Dream and to improve their communities. Imagine how much more we can accomplish and amplify our efforts as a unified voice by building bridges to other segments of our diverse population. I am proud to see NAFFAA is moving in that direction to ensure everyone is welcome and included. After all, the American Dream belongs to all of us. Happy Pride Month!”
NaFFAA does not tolerate any forms of prejudice against any of our “kapatid” in the LGBTQI+ community. We celebrate their successes and recognize the great and important contributions they make to make us a better and stronger country. Our leaders look forward to continuing to support our “kapatid” in the LGBTQI+ community.

About NaFFAA
The National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization. Established in 1997, NaFFAA promotes the welfare and well-being of the four million Filipinos and Filipino Americans throughout the United States. NaFFAA’s vision is to serve as the voice of all Filipinos and Filipino Americans by uniting, engaging, and empowering diverse individuals and community organizations through leadership development, civic engagement, and national advocacy.