Brendan Flores headshot

Brendan Flores

National Chairman

The National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) made history during the 12th National Empowerment Conference when they elected Brendan Flores, a leader, a philanthropist, an advocate of Filipino-Americans and a banker by profession from Florida as its first millennial and youngest ever president and national chairman. In his role, Brendan is responsible for leading the largest national affiliation of Filipino American institutions, organizations and individuals. Throughout his time as an officer of NaFFAA, Brendan has served as State Youth Coordinator, State Youth Chair and Regional Youth Chair for Desert Mountain region (NV, AZ and UT) based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. He was also the last person to be elected as NaFFAA’s National Youth Chair as well as the National Treasurer.

Brendan holds a position as Senior Vice President and Consumer Banking Performance Manager at Bank of America. Prior to joining Bank of America, Flores held a position as Vice President and Regional Banking District Manager at Wells Fargo. Brendan has held numerous leadership positions both internally and externally such as Co-Chair for the Black/African American Connection, Membership Chair for the Latino Connection and President of United Way Emerging Leaders United of Saint Johns County. He is also deeply involved in numerous mainstream and local nonprofit organizations such as the March of Dimes, United Way and various Chambers of Commerce. Flores has three scholarships in his name. He is a scholarship grantor for The Public Education Foundation of Las Vegas, and president of the Alumni Leadership Circle of the Academy of Finance. His community involvement locally and nationally led him to establish a series of networks, awards and scholarship opportunities. Brendan continues to be active within his community, expanding his professional sphere and promoting personal growth.