Emraida Kiram

National Vice Chair

Emraida Kiram is a princess in real life.  She not only possesses physical beauty worthy of being a beauty pageant representative, but a brain to match worthy of being a community leader on a national level.  Her commitment and dedication to the causes of the organizations she’s involved with is exemplary.

Since she joined NaFFAA, she has actively participated in the organizing and planning of both regional and national empowerment conferences, and acted as the NaFFAA Cultural Empowerment Chair from 2002-2006. She was Region 3 Vice Chair from 2002-2010, Region 3 Chair from 2011-2012.  In 2014 she was elected as National Vice Chair, a position she held to date, after being re-elected in 2016. In those capacities, she was appointed as COMELEC Chair, Constitution and By-Laws Committee Chair, and as adviser to many.

In addition to her involvement with NaFFAA,  she has served as the President of the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) Midwest; as FANHS National Trustee; as Secretary and Trustee of the Rizal MacArthur Memorial Foundation; as member of the Board of Trustees, Foundation University, in Dumaguete; as Chairman of the Wisconsin Commission on Civil Rights; as Contributing Columnist for Diaryo Media, Boses Pilipino; Community Builder; Senior Administrative Specialist with the Office of the Registrar, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.