Join our Summer / Fall 2021 Internship Program!

The National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) is seeking interns for its Run for Office Program in partnership with Civic Leadership USA (CLUSA).

NaFFAA's Run for Office program aims to train, connect, and empower emerging Filipino American leaders from across the country to run for political office with service as their core mission.

Participants will learn strategies for:

  • Planning a political campaign
  • Developing and telling a campaign story
  • Building a base of support
  • Implementing outreach mechanisms / successful fundraising

Throughout the program, Interns will get to meet and work with different Filipino American politicians and community leaders from across the country who will be resource speakers. Democrat and Republican, current and former elected officials, and various levels of government are all represented. From personal stories to guidance and strategy, these officials bring in years of experience and will share invaluable advice.

Start and end dates are flexible. Applications are accepted year-round and those who can commit at least 10 hours a week will be prioritized. Interns will be entirely remote and will receive a monthly stipend.

Since 1997, NaFFAA has promoted the welfare and well-being of the four million Filipinos and Filipino Americans in the United States through leadership development, civic engagement, and advocacy. As a non-partisan and non-profit organization, NaFFAA is the largest national affiliation of Filipino American institutions, umbrella organizations, and individuals. Its thirteen-member regions cover the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and the Pacific Islands.

Depending on individual experience and interest, NaFFAA interns will have the opportunity to assist staff on the following initiatives, including, but not limited to:

Program Management

  • Help coordinate initiatives such as NaFFAA’s Civic Leadership Forums, especially the Run For Office program
  • Help raise funds, research, select, and find opportunities for grant applications and matching programs
  • Help organize events and special projects as needed


  • Draft press releases, blogs, and social media posts
  • Oversee initiatives designed to increase participation in the program


  • Assist with data collection, manipulation, and presentation, literature searches, interviewing, and compiling reference and statistical data into easily understood formats
  • Leverage expertise in applying standard research techniques, statistical analysis, and compilation of data, including selecting, analyzing, and presenting data and information in written, verbal or graphical forms


  • Monitor pending legislation and coordinate with Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) coalition partners around common advocacy campaigns.
  • Draft policy memos, statements, and talking points.

Politics with Democrat and Republican elected officials

  • Meet with community, civic, and advocacy groups.
  • Coordinate community-based projects, events, and initiatives.
  • Draft and gather support for New York State Assembly legislation.
  • Draft and send constituent support letters to government agencies.

Intern Testimonials

"I've had the ability to engage with government leaders and community activists on the importance of keeping the social justice dialogue alive and what we can do as leaders in our own community, while also working with students like myself on policy research and development."
-Michael Bryann Gaetos, UC Berkeley, Intern
NaFFAA National & NY State Assembly ‘20

Melvin G"I was able to go through different modules that enhanced my leadership skills, including public speaking modules, writing educational policies for the State’s Department of Education, and enhancing my communication skills. On the other hand, NaFFAA’s internship provided me a platform to learn about myself and my stance on Black Lives Matter."
-Melvin Tangonan, UC Berkeley
Intern, NaFFAA National & NY State Assembly ‘20

“After interning with NaFFAA, I finally feel like an active, productive, and proud member of the Filipino American community. I have met and worked with the most impressive Filipino American professionals, spanning several generations. Through the professional work environment, I not only gained new skills, but enhanced what I already had. These new experiences have surely impacted my professional career, but it was the mentors I found and relationships I fostered that will last me a lifetime.”
-Justine Suegay, George Mason University
Intern, NaFFAA National ‘19

Deadlines: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis with a priority deadline of Thursday, June 10, 2021.

General Principles of NaFFAA Internship Program:

  • Monthly stipend provided
  • 10-15 hours per week during the semester
  • 35 hours per week during summer
  • Course credit paperwork available upon request

All applicants must be:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • A current undergraduate student or a recent graduate/young professional
  • Familiar with Filipino American issues and have outstanding research, writing, communications, and computer skills
  • Leadership and Navigation: Consensus Builder, Mission Driven, Change Management
  • Ethical Practice: Integrity, Courage, Professionalism
  • Communication: Diplomacy, Persuasion, Feedback
  • Business Acumen: Strategic Agility, Business Operations and Logistics, Systems Thinking

NaFFAA does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, age, or other non-merit factors. People of color, women, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and differently-abled individuals are strongly encouraged to apply.