NaFFAA Desert Mountain Region (XI) Report on Tulong Sulong

Tulong Sulong is a joint humanitarian charity project of PHC (Philippine Humanitarian Coalition) and NaFFAA (National Federation of Filipino American Associations) to benefit the needy and poor fellow kababayans in the Philippines during this crisis.
Desert Mountain Region-Region XI (Nevada, Arizona, and Utah) participated in the project to provide foods and necessities to the following areas which are most affected by this pandemic: PAYATAS, Quezon City; Alfonso, Cavite; Cebu, and Balayan, Batangas.

Region XI has collected the following financial donations:
- $2000.00 for PAYATAS, Quezon City and Alfonso, Cavite.
- $1000.00 for Balayan, Batangas

Additional donations:
- $2000.00 for Cebu
- $1000.00 from Fil Vets Group
- $1000.00 from NaFFAA Youth Council (NYC)

Thank you to the following organizations and individuals for their financial support toward this project.

PAYATAS, Quezon, and Alfonso, Cavite Project
- Ben and Gloria Caoile
- Alex and Sol Pena
- Leo and Amie Belmonte
- Ed and Sally Balecha
- Cynthia Deriquito
- Resty Lopez
- Dr. Dan and Dra. Melinda Fabito
- Isidro and Evelyn Dela Cruz
- NaFFAA Region XI
- PAAN (Phil. American Association of NV)

Cebu Project:
- Eng. Romy and Atty. Nadia Jurani
- PBSN (Philippine Bisayan Society of NV)
- Rocky Mountain Region

Balayan Batangas Project:
- Resty Lopez
- Cynthia Deriquito
- Alex and Sol Pena
- Ronnie and Lala Delos Santos
- Kathleen Deriquito
- Kallista Deriquito Borja
- Jason Stevenson
- Sonam Tsering
- Darren and Ligaya Fatlan
- Balayan LV Association

Additional Financial Donors:
- Filvets Group
- Aldy and Rosabelle Calbay
- Leo and Ze Fortuno
- Nino and Carmen Erolin
- Marc and Emmie Ayuste
- Sonny De Los Santos

NaFFAA Youth Council – Maria Peralta, Youth Coordinator

July 3, 2020 — Status report for the Alfonso, Cavite project
The distribution of foods to the chosen families of Alfonso, Cavite was conducted at St. Joseph’s church in Barangay Kaytitinga. Lito and Sol Ilagan (Feed the Hungry Philippines-FA) assisted Fr. Josue Muldon, who is the parish priest, in the distribution to the families.

Message from Lito and Sol Ilagan, Feed the Hungry Philippines - FA
"The NaFFAA gift giving in Alfonso, Cavite was held today at about 9 am in St. Joseph's Church in Barangay Kaytitinga. Fr. Josue asked me to say a few words about the gift giving and so I told them that the donation came from NaFFAA and that the organization raises funds in the US and give them to the poorest of the poor in the Philippines. The whole implementation was very organized. The beneficiaries were very thankful for the gifts they received. Thank you and to NaFFAA for helping the poorest of the poor in Alfonso, Cavite."