June 11, 2018
Contact: Jason Tengco, NaFFAA Executive Director
Tel. (202) 803-1353

NaFFAA Statement on the Restoring Internet Freedom Order

Washington, DC – The Restoring Internet Freedom Order goes into effect today. Some continue to argue that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is giving large companies and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) more power to stifle marginalized communities. Rather, let us use this as an opportunity to use the connections the Internet has offered us, and still offers us, to spark vigorous discussion about lasting net neutrality and privacy legislation that our Filipino American and other Asian American and Pacific Islander communities need.

We should engage Congress to ensure net neutrality without overburdening providers who want to bring about equity of online access through new infrastructure investments. We should not continue to keep net neutrality regulation in limbo.

Congress must ensure that our communities remain protected while having better access to the broadband that we need to further educate, connect with, and advocate for our communities. Congress must affirm our right to an open internet with legislation that promotes equal access to the Internet and guarantees that underserved communities are not left behind.

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