March 9, 2017
Contact: Jason Tengco, NaFFAA Executive Director

NaFFAA Applauds Noel Francisco’s Nomination as Solicitor General

Washington, DC – The National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) applauds President Trump’s nomination of Filipino American lawyer Noel Francisco to serve as the United States Solicitor General.

The role of Solicitor General is considered the federal government’s top position before the Supreme Court. Francisco had been serving as Acting Solicitor General before his nomination, and had previously argued multiple cases before the nation’s highest court. A native of Oswego, New York, Francisco previously served as a partner for Jones Day, as a clerk for Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, and as Associate Counsel to the President under George W. Bush.

“NaFFAA congratulates Noel Francisco on his nomination as the United States Solicitor General” said Brendan Flores, NaFFAA National Chairman. “If confirmed, Francisco would be the first Filipino American Solicitor General, and his confirmation would strengthen the visibility and representation of the Filipino American community on a national scale.”

Francisco’s nomination comes on the heels of a number of Filipino Americans assuming key roles in the Administration. This includes Ninio Fetalvo as Assistant Press Secretary, Joyce Yamat Meyer as Deputy Assistant to the President and House Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs, and Kelly Ilagan as Deputy Associate Director for Presidential Personnel.

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